Lighting Workshop 1.0 | Art District DTLA

I hosted my first off-camera flash Lighting Workshop (1.0) this summer. The following are images created during the practical application (2nd half) of the workshop. According to the attendees, the only thing they would have changed about the overall experience would be to include ice cream. (Loved that! :D)

If you are a photographer who has been wanting to learn off-camera flash, or is struggling to figure out how to evolve your approach to low-light situations, I am now offering 1 on 1 mentoring sessions and a bi-annual workshop. If you are interested in attending or scheduling a mentoring session, please email me at:

The next workshop is slated for January 2018! Stay tuned for announcements and more info! Thank you to all who helped bring this wonderful event together! xoxoBlowing kisses….